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-MÓN- La Bassa is a non-profit association that, beyond its educational project, continues to rescue lives on a daily basis, welcoming abandoned animals or rescuing them from centers of experimentation and exploitation. 300 animals of different species coexist in this sanctuary, each with its own story to tell.

And we do not stop growing. We do not want to stop growing. This year, 60 new inhabitants have already been rescued and there are many animals out there that need us and are waiting for us.

For this reason, a new piece of land was acquired for coexistence between animals and children, a space more suitable for growth. We went from 2,000m2 to a new 38,000m2, a dream come true.

30,000 euros are needed to allow us to move permanently to the new land that has already been acquired. The money raised will go to tighten the fencing that was made and cement its foundations so that the animals are secure. Likewise, the space for the new school will also be created on the land.

We need to make some shelters for the animals, create a small operating room where the animals can receive treatment, attention, and nursing.

-MÓN- La Bassa – Animal Sanctuary was born as a personal project in 2007 when Laia Galeano, founder, began to rescue animals moved by an infinite love for them, seeking to guarantee them a dignified life, free from pain and suffering.

In 2014, and with the desire to create a slightly better world, the Petits Voladors Project was born, making -MÓN- La Bassa the only animal sanctuary with its own school in the world. The Petits Voladors project, now transformed into Escola Voladors, has its raison d’être in the deep need to educate in order to love and respect life, in all its manifestations. In a privileged environment, animals and children coexist in a peaceful, loving and respectful way.