-MÓN- La Bassa is an animal Sanctuary, where animals rescued from situations of risk or abuse, can enjoy a second chance of life – full of love and dignity.

-MÓN- La Bassa was established in 2007 when Laia Galeano, the founder, began to rescue animals, seeking to guarantee them a dignified life, free from pain and suffering.

More than 300 animals coexist on the farm. Some animals reside temporarily until a good home is found for them, while others are permanent residents. In this case, they try to live as naturally as possible in a protective environment.

The animals are never sold, exchanged, or used for consumption or exploitation in any way.

The Animal Sanctuary is the soul of -MÓN- La Bassa. Through animals, we get in contact with our most human part: with what we like and what we don’t. We become better humans by interacting with animals.

-MÓN- La Bassa is a non-profit association that is also dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of our approaches to animal welfare, as well as the development of educational projects with a vocation for social change and solidarity activism.

celebramos la vida

A -MÓN- La Bassa organizes parties to celebrate: Nadal, Castanyada, Halloween, spring, summer… and hot on other occasions. You can also propose holding a private party or, if you are an artist, being able to come and represent your show.

A place for personal growth

Personal growth is a basic pillar of the project: Having tools in life so that we can know, accept, respect and take responsibility. And with all this, to be able to have a full, coherent and satisfying life.

Animal shelter

The refuge is the soul of -MÓN- La Bassa. A shelter for animals rescued from situations of risk or abuse, to enjoy a second chance at a life full of love.


Address: How to find-Món- La Bassa

-Món- La Bassa

It is located at Camí Vell De Sant Salvador and it is very easy to find. You can simply click to map and select directions, or simply write Mon La Bassa to Google Maps, then ens trobareu. -MÓN- La Bassa, is located in Vendrell, Tarragona, Spain. 40 minutes from Barcelona and the airport.