Visit -MÓN- La Bassa

There are several ways to visit -MÓN- La Bassa. During weekdays we often get school classes who visit. And on Sundays -MÓN- La Bassa is open for private visits. We often also arrange events and parties, and it is also possible to rent -MÓN- La Bassa for private events or parties.

The donations that this generates are a big help. -MÓN- La Bassa is a non-profit association and all donations go to increase the welfare of the animals we have rescued, seeking to guarantee them a dignified life, free from pain and suffering. We want to save lives, care for the inhabitants of the refuge, improve their facilities and quality of life.

And by visiting you help us – We need your collaboration to make it a little easier for us to meet the needs of the animals in the shelter.

We look forward to welcoming you.