We need more volunteers

We need more help. -MÓN- La Bassa Animal Sanctuary is looking for volunteers who can help take care of the animals and other related projects.

We are looking for people who love animals and who want to enjoy working closely together for creating better lives for the animals we have rescued.

“Many little people, in little places, doing little things, can change the world.”

Help needed Every Sunday

If you can volunteer in any capacity, we would love to hear from you.

We especially need more volunteers on Sundays.

The tasks to be carried out are generally:

  • Taking care of the animals

  • Help maintain the Animal Sanctuary

  • Helping with cleaning to make the place nicer for the animals

Extra help needed

From time to time we also need extra help. When we need this, it is usually during the weekend.

The help we need is either for an unforeseen event or a job that needs more collaboration, like:

  • Improving the fence

  • Volunteers for charity events

  • Animal care in the event of an unforeseen event or accident.

Do you want to be a volunteer?

Our work makes a difference. -MÓN- La Bassa rescue animals, and it is important that there are places like ours in the world.

We believe that people who get a greater understanding of animals will treat them with more respect. This is one of the reasons that -MÓN- La Bassa is open for the public every Sunday.

Before you join us as a volunteer we suggest that you come and visit -MÓN- La Bassa during one of the Sundays where we are open to the public. This will help you get an understanding of our work and what you can do to increase the lives of the animals we have rescued.

If you would like to get involved with us, love animals and want to help out, then just find one of the volunteers working here and talk with them about how to get involved.

“To all of the -MÓN- La Bassa volunteers, those who have been, those who are and those who will join us – To everyone – Thank you!”