Become a teamer

We need your collaboration to make it a little easier for us to meet the needs of the animals at -MÓN- La Bassa.

As a teamer, you only pay € 1 per month.

-MÓN- La Bassa is a non-profit association and all your donations go to save lives, care for the animals who live at the animal sanctuary, improve their facilities, and their quality of life.

There are more than 480 animals in the -MÓN- La Bassa Animal Sanctuary – The animals at the sanctuary are rescued from situations of risk or abuse, and at La Bassa, they can enjoy a second chance of life – full of love and dignity.

Thank you

It is with your help that we are able to continue to rescue and care for all the animals that seek shelter at -MÓN- La Bassa.

Your contribution helps us to care for the animals and to share the understanding of how we should treat animals.

Your donations are deeply appreciated.

I am truly grateful for your help.

With your donation, we can continue to care for these animals and by doing so inspire the coming generations to take even better care for our animal friends and the world.

When you contribute money, volunteer effort or visit us with your positive energy, you not only contribute to the care of the animals, but you also join a group of people who dream and live to achieve a better world, with more awareness, respect, and love.

Thank you

– Laia Galeano